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A GCE A Level at Grade B is worth 100 UCAS points

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Assuming you mean from a full 2 year A Level, not just an AS, an A is worth 120 UCAS points. See the related link for the full UCAS tarriff table.

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Q: How many UCAS points is a grade A at A Level worth?
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How much is each grade equivalent to in UCAS points?

A grade A at AS level (if you did not carry on the subject until the end of A2 A Level) is worth 60 points. A grade A from a full A Level is worth 120 points. For the full UCAS tarfiff table, please see the related link.

How many ucas points is a level 2 csla worth?

none, level 3 is worth 30

Is the Alan test worth ucas points?

I believe it's a key skills qualification. According to this calculator, a Key Skills qualification at level 2 is worth 10 UCAS points.

How many UCAS points is a GCSE worth?

None because GCSEs do not give you UCAS points. Only AS and A Levels and their equivalents (eg. BTECs) give you UCAS points

Is A level ucas points a combination of 2 AS grades ie a C at AS but B at A2 would only be 90 or is it 100 like it states?

UCAS Points refelct a final grade. In the UK, if you take an AS and then carry it on to A Level, you carry the points over, and at the end of the second year the two grades are combined to form one A Level. If you decide to not carry a subject on at A Level, you "cash in" the points, and simply receive an AS Level, equivilent to half an A Level. So if you recived a B at AS Level, but carried the subject on to A Level, you would not receive the AS Level, but would receive the A Level at the end of your second year, as a combination of the two years marks. You can then convert the correct number of UCAS points for each full A Level, or AS Level eg A at A Level = 120 Points A at AS = 60 points (An AS is worth 50% of an A Level - easy!)

Can a Level 3 National Diploma college course get you into university instead of 'A' Levels?

yes it can depending on your results. results are converted into UCAS points so the higher the grade the more UCAS points you get. e.g. PPP = 120 MMM = 240 DDD = 360

Is further mathematics worth more than mathematics in ucas points?

They are worth the same amount of UCAS points. If you are planning to study a mathematics related degree at university, then further maths will give you a bit of a head start.

What can you do to get UCAS points?

You can do retakes of exams to get better grades and therefore get a higher number of UCAS points. Or you can take on some extra subjects to get UCAS points from them too.

What is the difference between a levels and diploma?

The diploma is equal to 3 A grades at A-level, however the A-level is significantly worth more UCAS points than a Diploma, but really it's not what's better generally, it's what is better for you.

B-tech or a-level which is better and why?

Between A-level and BTECH, none is better than the other all fetch the same UCAS points.

Do you get UCAS points for Lamda?

LAMDA only accept applications made straight to them, they don't use UCAS.

What are ways to get UCAS points Such as music grades Duke of Edinburgh or guiding not just A levels?

RockSchool Practical and Theory examinations for grades 6, 7 and 8 get you 40, 50 and 60 points respectively. DofE I've been looking for online and can't find an answer but I guess you could class it as an extended project under the UCAS terrif and get yourself an extra 30 points. So think about it, play an instrument to grade 6 RockSchool, do DofE gold and get yourself 70 points, that's almost the same as like a C grade at A2 (C is 80 points). So is it worth it? Well if your looking for 280 points and only getting C's and D's then yes it's certaintly worth it! Just be careful that some uni's are very specific about they want and ignore the UCAS system anyway... but even so its a great addition to your personal statement and CV.