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Q: How many children does Chad ocho have?
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What is Chad Ocho Cinco's birthday?

Chad Ocho Cinco is 32 years old (birthdate: January 9, 1978).

Who will chad ocho cinco choose?

Chad Ochocinco picked Rubi

Who is chad ocho cinco?

Chad Johnson who plays for the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL. (#85) (WR) He recently got his name changed legally to Ocho Cinco Johnson.

Is Chad ocho cinco from New Orleans?

no, Miami

Who is chad ocho cinco dating?

Evelyn Lozado

Is Chad Ocho Cinco married?

Yes to evelyn lozado

How many children does chad splittstoesser have?

It is believed that Chad Splittstoesser has 3 children.

Is chad ocho cinco's real last name ocho cinco?

no, his real name is chad johnson. he changed it to ochocinco, (eighty five in spanish, his jersey number), since he is that much of a fan of himself. (:

Who is the cockiest player in sports?

chad ocho cinco Johnson #85

Do Chad Ocho Cinco have a girlfriend?

yes, Rubi from his 2010 show

Is Chad ocho cinco good?

no he sucks he is an over payed wussy

How many children does Chad Michael Murray have?

Chad Michael Murray has 2 children