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Well it's good to start off with 15 credits during your first semester and lessen it to 12 during spring. You can probably graduate roughly with 216 credits, which is enough for med school.

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dont get paid

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3 hours

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Q: How many credits hours do you need to graduate pre-med school?
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If you become a lifeguard do you get paid?

Junior Lifeguards are usually paid with Community Service hours and Credits for High School needed to graduate because they are too young to legally get paid.

How many credit hours a week for an RN?

There isn't a standard for credit hours per week - it takes about 70 credits for an Associates Degree for an RN, and about 140 credits to graduate as a Batchelors degree for nursing.

How do you apply for Stanford?

First, you must graduate from high school with a good diploma and at least 220 credits and work you community hours. Not only that, but you must get your GPA to be good. To register, talk to your councelor or a parent/teacher.

How many credits should a high school sophomore have at the end of the year in Washington state?

No matter the state, you must have passing grades - usually a 70 or better in your classes - to gain the credits you need to graduate. Each school is different, my students must have a 74 or better to pass.

How many Credits needed to graduate high school in wv?

i have friends in Northern VA that are still in high school and i was told that you need 22 credits to graduate as an advanced student, but all schools vary. They attend Loudoun Valley. that's Virginia not west Virginia. Anyway i go to school in west Virginia and it depends on whether or not you chose a college path or not. You need: 4 English, 4 math, 4 history, 3 science, 2 foreign language, 1 health, 1 physical education, 1 fine art, and then 6 electives I think.

What is the meaning of credits beyond degree?

Universities have a number of credits that you must take to earn a degree. Some people take more because they have another goal. That goal may be to have greater options for jobs or to get into a graduate program that has requirements for those credits, or simply for enjoyment of learning.

How many hours would it take to complete 3 credits?

Three credits would be 48 hours of class contact time.

How many hours does it take to graudate law school?

It will depend on each individual school. Most require about 84 hours to graduate.

How many hours are needed to graduate high school?

it depends on the state you reside in

How many hours are required to get a master's in education degree?

It is approximately 33 credits depending on the school.

How many credits do you need to graduate in British Columbia?

You need to have 80 credits for that! There are 48 required credits from the courses listed below: Language Arts 10,11 and 12 (12 credits) Math 10 and 11 (8 credits) Socials Studies 10 and 11 or Civics 11 or First Nations studies 12 (8 credits) Scince 10 and 11 (8 credits) Physical education 10 (4 credits) Planning 10 (4 credits) Fine Arts or applied skills 10,11 or 12 (4 credits) And you need to have other 28 credits from the elctive courses! You must have minimum 16 credits in grade 12 and you also have to work as a volunteer for 30 hours because then you get credits for that too and you need to have it in order to graduate!

How many credits are needed to graduate high school in Saskatchewan?

4 credits in English* 3 credits in mathematics 2 credits in science 1 credit in Canadian history 1 credit in Canadian geography 1 credit in arts 1 credit in health and physical education 1 credit in French as a second language 0.5 credit in career studies 0.5 credit in civics Plus one credit from each of the following groups:New1 additional credit in English, '''or French as a second language, or a Native Language, or a classical or an international language, or social sciences and the humanities, or Canadian and world studies, '''or guidance and career education, or cooperative education**'''''' New1 additional credit in health and physical education, or the arts, or business studies, '''or cooperative education**''' New1 additional credit in science, or technological education, '''or cooperative education**''' In addition to the compulsory credits, students must complete:12 optional credits*** 40 hours of community involvement activities the provincial literacy requirement So pretty much 30 credits.