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As many as lovers!

Hero means: ΕΡΩΣ ( = Quest ). Every man strengthened by his quest, is a hero.

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Q: How many greek heroes were there?
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Who is the father of many greek heroes and gods?

Zeus, King of the Gods. Definetly

What was Chiron famous for?

He trained many of the ancient greek heroes. He was a centaur, was known as the greatest hero trainer in all of greek mythology

Why are heroes important part of Greek mythology?

Heroes represent the link between gods and men in Greek mythology. Most of them were either demigods (direct sons/daughters of gods), or had divine heritage. They were the pinnacle of what it meant to be human.

Who are the 3 major Greek heroes?

You could say that the three biggest Greek heroes are Heracles Theseus Perseus Hope this helps!

Why is Odysseus the cleverest of the Greek heroes?

Odysseus is the cleverest of all Greek heroes because his divine guardian is Athena, the goddess of wisdom.

What is one difference between the heroes of the Elizabethan tragedies and those of Greek tragedies?

The Greek heroes in Elizabethan tragedies were from the historical era. In the Greek tragedies they were from the pre-historical era.

Who are some of the most important figures in Greek mythology?

There are many important figures from Greek mythology. These include Greek Gods such as Zeus and Apollo or heroes such as Hercules, Achilles and Jason.

Is there any personification in Heroes Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths?

yes, there is, a lot. way to many to count.

Name 3 Greek heroes and give the information in half page biography of each?

PerseusTheseusJasonThose are three Greek heroes. However, do your homework for you. Please see the related links for more information on these heroes.

Who were the Greek heroes at Troy?

Here are some:AchillesPatroclusAntilochusAjaxDiomedesMenelausAgamemonOdysseus

Who were the greek heroes at that moment?

Some well-known Greek heroes of ancient mythology include Hercules, Achilles, Odysseus, and Perseus. These heroes were celebrated for their strength, courage, and unique exploits in various myths and legends.

What At the beginning of the Middle Ages Christian figures began to replace what as the subject of most paintings?

Greek and Roman gods and heroes