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A child can work for about 3 hours on school days.

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Q: How many hours a day do children work at primary school?
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How many hours do primary children go to school for?

most go for 6 hours a day 9 till 3

How many hours of school do children who live in Arizona have?

7 hours in school 7 hours in school 7 hours in school

How many children dont go to school?

115 million primary school aged children dont go to school

How many hours in a school week in Fiji?

, what time does children have to go to school and come out in fiji and i was wandering how many days is the whole school year. And what days do they go to school

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How many children are there in barton clough primary school?

There are over 200

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How many hours do children of Germany spend at school?

children of germany spend 5 and a half hours at school

Should children have longer school days?

No. Children spend most hours of their day at school, and afterwards have many hours of homework. If school days were to be longer, homework should be banished allowing children to be able to socialise

How many hours are children at school for?

Normally school children do about 7 hours a day.

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