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There is about a 1,200 a year; out of the 1.2 million test takers. So less than 1%.

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Q: How many perfect ACT scores ever?
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How many perfect ACT scores?

There is about a 1,200 a year; out of the 1.2 million test takers. So less than 1%.

Are your ACT scores ever too old?

No, colleges can make you retake the SAT but not the ACT.

What are the perfect scores for an ACT exam including the 5 main topics?

Your ACT score is out of 36. Each section is scored out of 36 points and the section scores are averaged together to make up your total score.

What scores do you need to get into Harvard?

SAT scores: CR: 690-780 Math: 690-790 Writing: 690-780 ACT composite: 31-34 Just remember, even with perfect SAT scores and perfect GPA scores, Harvard is willing to deny your entrance if it doesn't think you're different than any other student.

What is the ACT scores for Columbia College?

ACT scores are not needed to be accepted

Who got a perfect score on the SAT ACT and PSAT?

It was reported on Saturday, April 25, 2009 that Willa Chen, a 17-year old high school student in SE Michigan, received perfect scores on the PSAT, ACT, and SAT tests.

Will act online prep improve my test scores?

An ACT online preparatory course will improve your test scores on the ACT.

What was a perfect ACT score in 1983 or 1984?

The average ACT score for Americans in 1979 was 18.8. This number dropped 10 years later to an average of 18.6.

How do you convert 1977 ACT scores to current ACT scores?

Add a point or two to your score. The ACT is easier now and groups like Mensa no longer accept those scores for admission, btw.

What is the SAT and ACT scores required for Full Sail University?

Full Sail University does not require SAT or ACT scores.

What ACT scores are required for admissions to all college?

minimum ACT score requirements are different for almost ever college but generally 18 or greater(the lower the score the better your grades must be)

What are the ACT scores required to be a probation officer?

Employers don't look at ACT scores. Community colleges usually offer open enrollment for anyone with a high school diploma, and don't require ACT scores. Four-year universities vary widely in what they consider scores acceptable for enrollment.