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Q: How many schools are there in swindon?
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How many cinema's does Swindon have?


What is Swindon Cable's motto?

Swindon Cable's motto is 'Swindon's Local Channel'.

Where is Swindon located?

Swindon is a very small but popular market town in England. There are many historic houses and gardens as well as many museums to visit while you are there.

How many miles from tunbridge wells to swindon?

The distance between Tunbridge Wells and Swindon is around 100 miles by road.

Was the internet invented in swindon town?

of course it was. Swindon

Which was the only football ground to be used as pow camp during second world war?


How many times did Alan young appear for swindon?


When was Swindon Advertiser created?

Swindon Advertiser was created in 1854.

When was Swindon Cable created?

Swindon Cable was created in 1973.

When was Swindon FM created?

Swindon FM was created in 2003.

When was Swindon Wildcats created?

Swindon Wildcats was created in 1986.

When was Swindon Academy created?

Swindon Academy was created in 2007.