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It's a bit different every year but I think they accept around 500. It's been a while so I don't remember all too well.

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Q: How many students does the Boston Latin School accept for the 7th grade?
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Does Boston Latin High School accept international students?

Don't think so.

At the JFK inauguration parade what group from Boston latin school led it?

The Boston Latin School Band

Does the Boston Latin School have a waitlist?

No, it does not.

What percent of students are Asian at Boston Latin Academy?

all of them

What is the mascot for Boston latin school or academy?

The mascot is Baldwin the Eagle.

Did Samuel Adams goto school?

yes he did go to the Boston Latin school obviously in Boston

What was the first public school named?

The Boston Latin school was founded April 23, 1635 in Boston, Mass. Making it the oldest school in North America The FIRST PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL (not Latin) was founded in Boston in 1821

When was Latin School of Indianapolis created?

Latin School of Indianapolis was created in 1955.

How many public examination schools does Boston have?

The three Boston public exam schools are Boston Latin Academy,Boston Latin School, and the John D.O'Bryant

Trying to locate former English teacher from Boston latin school?

francis Russell, taught English boston latin school early 1970's

What was the first secondary school in the colonies?

1635 Boston Latin School

Where did Benjamin Franklin go to school as a kid?

Boston Latin School