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The antagonist is the person or thing that acts to oppose the protagonist. They would act in a manner that would prevent the protagonist from achieving their goals. Sometimes the antagonist is an evil villain, but other times they are just people who happen to get in the hero's way.

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An author could do that by putting her in conflict with the hero.

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Q: How might the author make a character an antagonist in a story?
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What is the character in a story that is the face working against the central character of the story?

The character in a story that works against the main character is known as the antagonist. The antagonist creates conflict and obstacles for the protagonist to overcome, driving the story forward.

What is the term for the character that brings opposition or conflict to a story?

A character who is opposed or competes the main character. * is called the antagonist while the main character is called the protagonist,

What is a character in a story or novel who is in conflict with the main character?


What is the function of a antagonist in a story?

An antagonist is there to cause conflict, friction between the key characters. A good antagonist is a character in the story that the reader begins to dislike or even hate. Without an antagonist the story may as well be written as a he did this and I did this kind of story.

What character or thing in a novel that causes trouble is called?

The antagonist

Is the main character of a story a antagonist?

No, the main character is typically the protagonist of a story. The protagonist is usually the central figure who drives the plot forward and is involved in the main conflict. The antagonist is the character who opposes or creates conflict for the protagonist.

What is a antagonist?

An antagonist is a character in a story or a force that acts in opposition to the protagonist. They create conflict and obstacles for the main character.

What is the most important character in a story called?

The main character is the protagonist, and his/her enemy is the antagonist.

Which type of character is a protagonist least likely to be?

A protagonist is least likely to be an antagonist, as the antagonist is typically the character who opposes the protagonist and creates conflict in the story.

How might an author develop a round character in a story?

By having the character change in an important way

What is a protagoniste?

A protagonist is the "hero" in a story or play. He or she is the main character, the one that the story is mainly about. He is opposed by the antagonist or "villain."

What is the definition of protagonist?

The main or lead character (or hero / heroine) in a story or event.It is the good guy in the story, who may be opposed by an antagonist (bad guy).A protagonist is the character in which the story surounds. Otherwise, the main character.He is the:-good guy-main character-the movie/book is his storyThe protagonist is a character in a story, usually the main character. It is very often that the Protagonist is facing an antagonist, which is against the protagonist. the antagonist is usually portrayed as an evil person or creature, and the protagonist often wins and defeats the antagonist at the end. (basically, the protagonist is the good guy and main character)The main character in a literary work.Protagonist means the main person or character in the story.