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Q: How old was selena gomez when she started high school?
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What is the name of Selena gomez school on high school?

Selena Gomez didn't go to highschool she was homeschooled

What was the name of Selena gomez's high school?

st. Patrick school in Alberta grande praire is Selena Gomez's school

What Year Did Selena Gomez End High School?

Selena never went to high school

What high school did Selena go to?

she went to Danny Jones middle school

What school Selena Gomez go to in high school?

Roze Mont High School

Where did Selena Gomez's parents meet?

In high school

What grade is Selena Gomez in?

She Completed high school in 2010.

Where did Selena Gomez go to high school?

los angles

Does Selena Gomez go to regular high school?


When did Selena quintanilla graduate?

Class of 2010 Selena Gomez graduated high school in May 2010 at the age of 17.

Where is Selena Gomez high school?

Danny Jones High School in Mansfield, Texas. I'm pretty sure..

Is Selena Gomez in high school?

yes-12th grade-but she had special tutors.