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Teachers were more for strict in the 1960's than in modern times. Less restrictions were placed on them which allows for more control over their individual students and classrooms.

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Q: How strict were teachers in the 1960's?
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Were teachers always strict in the colonial times?

Yes they were always strict.

Are the teachers in china strict?

Depends, but most of the time yes they can be strict.

Is Australian teachers strict?

sure mate

Are teachers more likely to be strict as parents?

Yes, if the teacher is already a strict parent.

Do teachers need to be strict?

No way! Teachers can be really nice. Actually, it's best for teachers to be pretty nice.

Are most math teachers strict?

Yes, mostly.

In the early 1960s few colleges and universities had strict curfews for female students?

false they DID have very strict curfews for female students

Why are programming teachers very strict with marks?

For employment purposes

Why teachers are bad?

Teachers are not bad. There are just times that they need to be strict to the students to learn. They are just misunderstood sometimes.

Is ipswich girls grammar school strict?

No school is strict, its simply whether your child meets up to the standards of the teachers

Why were teachers so strict in the past?

Teachers in the past were often strict due to societal expectations for discipline and order in the classroom. Additionally, many educators believed that strict discipline was necessary for effective learning, and they used it as a means to maintain control and encourage respect among students. Cultural norms and traditional teaching methods also influenced the strict demeanor of teachers in the past.

What were teachers like 40 years ago?

Strict did not try to understand the kid