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'Anata WA ijiwarui ani dattara dou desu ka?'.

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Q: How to say what if your a mean older brother in Japanese?
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How do you say older brother in Japanese?

兄 (ani) is older brother in Japanese. When addressing someone else's older brother, you should use お兄さん (onii-san).

What is the japanese translation for 'brother'?

You may say 'ani' for older brother, and 'otouto' for younger brother, written (in that order): 兄 弟

How do you say big brother in Japanese?

In Japanese you say onii-sanonii-san is older brother. Nissan (Ni-san) is big brother. However, this is the formal way. For a more relaxed informal way, you delete the san and replace it with a Chan.I.e: Onii-Chan : Older brother

How do you say your older brother is an idiot in Japanese?

'Anta no nii-san WA baka da'.

How do you say your own older brother in japanese?

The word for older brother is 兄 (ani). However, when referring to an older brother, it is polite to say お兄さん (o-nii-san). The affectionate version of this is お兄ちゃん (o-nii-chan).

How do i say goodbye my brother in japanese'?

That would be 'Sayonara Nii-san' if they are older. There are many different ways to say older brother, I chose nii-san since I believe it to be the most common. If it is a younger brother one would say 'Sayonara Otouto' Both of these simply read 'Goodbye Brother' because in Japanese words like my are understood.

How do you say borther in Japanese?

if you mean brother its "otosan" that is in polite form <3

How do you say older brother in Malayalam?

You say older brother in Malayalam as "പുത്രന്‍" (puthran).

How do you say I have a younger sister and an older brother in Japanese?

I am not completely sure on saying "I have" though I know how to say Older Brother and Younger Sister. Older brother is Oniisan (Oh-ne-san), おにいさん, and you say Younger sister, Imooto (E-mo-o-to), いもおと. hope this helped a little!

What does hyung means in korean?

It mean big brother, but to make it more respectful and a nim so it becomes "Hyung-Nim" it is used only by males to call their older brother,another male slightly older than them or a male who they respect

What does Nii-Nii mean?

I think it's the shortened, nickname-style version of "Onii-san" (older brother in Japanese). I first heard it on Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, from the character Houjou Satoko. She called her older brother Satoshi "Nii-nii". Younger children tend to use "Nii-Nii". It's a cute way to say "big brother".

How do you say brother in Philippine?

"Kuya" is older brother.