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First, the prerequisite for the master's degree is the bachelor's degree. Hopefully you have a career path in mind. Once you complete The Bachelor's degree, you must find a school that offers the master's degree you want. Again, you should have a specific career path in mind. Find out if you are missing any prerequisite coursework, and if all is well, apply for the program.

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Q: How will you get from a bachelor and a master degree?
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What is the difference between a Bachelor Degree and a Master Degree?

Difference between Bachelor Degree & Master Degree 1. Bachelor Degree is Undergraduate program and Master Degree is Postgraduate program. 2. Bachelor Degree is for 3 years and Master Degree is for 2 years 3. You can do Master Degree without passing the Bachelor Degree program.

Can i get my master degree before i get my bachelor's degree?

No. You first have to get your bachelor's degree before you are eligible for a master's degree program.

What is after a bachelor's degree?

master's degree

What is the difference between a Master's and a Bachelor's degree?

A Bachelor's degree is a four-year degree and is required for employment in many professions. The Master's degree is a higher degree that you can earn after receiving your Bachelor's.

What degree is after a bachelor's degree in business?

The degree after a Bachelor's in business administration is a Master's degree, or M.B.A. for short. A Master's degree is the preferred degree of business majors.

If you have your Associates degree can you just go for your master's degree?

No, the prerequisite for the master's degree is a bachelor's degree.

To get a Bachelor's degree do I need to have a Master's degree first?

No. Generally, you must have a Bachelor's Degree in an appropriate discipline before you will be admitted to a program that leads to a Master's Degree.

Can you pursue a master's and doctorate degree in religious education without having a bachelor's degree?

No, the master and doctorate degree is advanced coursework that follows a bachelor's degree.

Do you have to do your bachelor's degree as your first degree?

You can start with an associate degree, then the bachelor's degree. To pursue a master's or doctorate, you must complete a bachelor's degree first.

In Canada is a master's degree higher than a bachelor's degree?

Yes, it is. The master's is advanced study after completion of the bachelor's degree, same as in the United States.

Can you get a master's degree without a batchelor's degree?

No you cannot. The bachelor's degree is one of the prerequisites for entrance into a master's program. The master's is advanced study particular to a specific program of study that follows the bachelor's degree.

Can you get a master s degree in 3 years with no prior education?

For colleges and universities within the United States, you must have a bachelor's degree before pursuing a master's degree. The master's degree is advanced study that follows the bachelor's degree.