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You could say, "Buenos Dias!"

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Q: How would you greet your neighbor in the morning in Spanish?
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How would you greet your neighbor in the afternoon in Spanish?

Hi, I suck sausage.

How would you greet your neighbor at night?

¿cómo saludar a su vecino en la noche

How would I greet my school principal?

Tell him hi or good morning.

How do you say good morning ms in Spanish?

In Spanish, you would say "buenos días, señorita" to say "good morning, miss".

How do you say good morning in Tasmania?

In Tasmania, people typically say "good morning" as they would in other parts of Australia. It is customary to greet others by saying "good morning" or "g'day" when meeting them early in the day.

How do you greet a Catholic priest after Mass outside the church on Sunday morning?

You would greet him the same way you would greet any friend you meet. Priests are human beings, too, and appreciate a warm handshake or even a Christian hug along with a friendly greeting. Be genuine and don't put on a false show.

What is the definition of the word Hola?

Hola is a Spanish word to say Hi or Hello. like if you were Spanish and you wanted to say 'Hi' to another Spanish speaker, you would say Hola. Or Como estas... Sorry that I don't have the little marks :)

How would an American teacher greet a Saudi Arabian class?

Good Morning and Good Afternoon are the expected greetings from an English teacher. However if you want to greet the class with their own language you can say: As-salamu A-laikom which means Peace upon you all.

How do you say 'I want to eat eggs in the morning' in Spanish?

To say 'I want to eat eggs in the morning' in Spanish, you would say 'Yo quiero comer huevos en la mañana.'

How do you translate 'good morning' in Spanish?

You would say "buenos días".

What is good mourning in Spanish?

you probably meant "good morning" which would be "buenos días"

How would greet a guest?

There are many ways in which you could greet a guest. You could always greet a guest with a simple hello.