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gen 5037 ,bc 1208 ,bcgl 69 can i get iet lucknow.

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Q: IET Lucknow holds what rank in India?
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I have got 810 rank in uptu MBA can you get iet lucknow?

u can get iet lucknow

What is the rank of IET Lucknow among all Engineering Colleges in India?

The list released by ugc which is a gov. Organisation gives it 42th rank in all india.

Can you got electrical branch in iet lucknow you have 2770 general and 617 obc rank?

Yes, you can get iet and may be electrical.

How much rank is required to get admission in IET Lucknow?

under 3000 for general category

What is the fee structure of mca in iet lucknow?

what is fee of mca in iet lucknow

For taking the admission through MBA you in I.E.T lucknow what should be the rank in uptu?

please tell me about MBA programme of iet lucknow. what about placement

Can you get IET Lucknow for MBA in UPTU with this rank general 695 girls 229 SC 56 and in SC girls 18?

no you can get any other gov college that support your rank next to iet

What is the all India ranking of IETlucknow amongst engineering colleges?

what is the all india ranking of of iet, lucknow amongst engineering colleges?

Which college can you get if your rank in uptu is 2840?

u can get cs,it in galgotias,niet,jss,iet lucknow but i am sure u will not get gbti as for it a minimum rank of 2000 is reqd in gen category.....

You have rank 18125 in general and 4769 in OBC in uptu . what colleges can you get in ghaziabad and noida?

u can get iet lucknow n hbti kanpur soenjoy.............

Admission fees of iet lucknow?

fee of mca

What is the ranking of iet davv college in India?

it is 114 th rank college in INDIA . it has superb placements and infrastructure.