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Q: If im in 5th grade how many years until high school?
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What are the years and names of high school?

High School names and years/grades are: 9th grade = Freshman |10th grade = Sophomore |11th grade = Junior |12th grade = Senior (the | is to separate it )

Is hogwarts a high school or a collage?

Neither. A high school covers 9th grade (14 years old) through 12th grade (18 years old). A college goes beyond those grades. Harry and his friends are 11 years old. (6th grade, for Americans) years old. They "graduate" when they are 17 years old (8th grade). So they are at Hogwarts from middle school through high school.

Why are people dating in the sixth grade aren't they too young for that seventh grade is too am I the only one waiting until I am in high school?

People date in middle school because they are immature but, they want to act mature. You should be the mature one and wait until high school, or even after high school. Focusing on your studies, is the best one can do during their academic years. Practice abstinence.

How many consecutive games did Jerry Lucas win throughout his career in grade school junior high school and high school?

From grade school through high school, Jerry Lucas won 151 consecutive games until he lost the final high school game of his career.

Did Jim Bob Duggar graduate from high school?

He did up until 6th grade, then he went to a private Christian school. Michelle went to public school up until the end of high school.

What grade did Johnny Cash go to until he quit?

He gratuated from Dyess High School.

What is the average amount of years of education in south Korea?

In S. Korea kids have to go to school until they finish middle school (9th grade) but the can pay to go to high school and college which is very expensive.

Did Andrew clements teach?

Yes, he taught for 7 years in 4th grade, 8th grade, and high school

What grade is Justin Bieber in?

Justin Bieber is in 10th grade, and he is 16 years old.He is a freshman in high school. That means he is in 9th grade.Justin Beiber is probably in his first or second year of high school. I think he is in his second or third year of high school

In Canada how long do high school students stay in school?

Generally 4 years is required to receive a high school diploma. (Grade 9,10,11 12) however, there are some kids who do a fifth year. The fifth year option is usually used for students who want to re-do a course to improve their original mark, or to just take more courses. In the 4 year period, students should earn the 30 credits, needed to graduate from high school.

Can 5th graders be considered jr high?

No. You are 10-11 years old in 5th grade and in intermediate school not junior high. When you get to 7th grade you will be in junior high.

Do the Brazil people were outfits in school?

In Brazil the first grade until High School the people use uniforms himsefl