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Aside from the fact that the question is difficult to understand, it would depend on the noun. Generally, they end in o, r, s, y, or l.

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Q: If it a male what will the noun in end with in spanish?
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Does television have an accent on it in spanish?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female.The noun television is a neuter noun, a word for something that has no gender.

What is the Spanish word for male?

hombre, macho, masculino - depending on the context.

What does the word español mean in English?

Español/a means 'Spanish' as an adjective or noun, 'Spaniard' as a noun, e.g. 'Hablas espanol?' - Do you speak Spanish? 'Una cebolla espanola' - a Spanish onion 'Un espanol, una espanola' - a (male) Spaniard, a Spanish female.

Is 'refrigerator' a masculine or feminine word in Spanish?

"Refrigerador" (Spanish) is a masculine noun.

How do you say i am short and funny in spanish?

The word funny may be gracioso/graciosa (amusing), or cómico / cómica (comical). "Soy corto y gracioso." (for a male)

What is 'amici' when translated from Italian to Spanish?

Amicos is a Spanish equivalent of the Italian word amici. The masculine plural noun references an all-male or mixed female and male group of "friends." The respective pronunciation will be "a-MEE-kos" in Spanish and "a-MEE-tchee" in Italian.

What is the common noun for Spanish?

The proper noun Spanish is a word for a group of people.The proper noun Spanish is a word for a language.The proper noun Spanish is a word for a culture.

How do you say a in Spanish?

"A" in Spanish is "un" for a male noun and "una" for a female noun. If this question is about how to pronounce the letter "a" in Spanish it is pronounce the same as the English short o sound as in "log."

Is estudiante masculine of feminine?

"Estudiante" is a gender-neutral noun in Spanish, meaning that it can be used to refer to both male and female students.

Is it el tomate or la tomate?

The word for tomato in Spanish is "el tomate," as it is a masculine noun.

How do you say im mad in spanish?

Estoy enojado(a).Remember that Spanish adjectives have to agree with the noun that you are referring to (in this case, yourself). If you are a male, you would use enojado, but if you are female you will use enojada.

How do you say rare in spanish?

Rare can be raro or rara in spanish depending on if it referring to a male or female noun. Ex. la rara raza el raro pelo