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It depends how you see things. Deep inside of you, you know that you were once a girl and that you had a attraction towards other girls. It all depends on how you see.

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Q: If you are a girl and you have a sex change and you like girls does this make you straight or lesbian?
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If I'm a straight girl is it ok if I like to watch lesbian girls or just solo girls and not turn bi or a lesbian?

It perfectly fine for you to watch lesbian girls or just solo girls and not turn bi or a lesbian

How do you lesbian?

if your a girl and you like girls that makes you a lesbian

Why do you go out with girls?

Someone goes out with a girl simply because she/he likes her. It's not a crime to be a lesbian, and it's not a crime to be straight.

Why lesbian attracted to girl?

they are attracted to women because they feel that the boobies of a women are nice and fun to play with, they also like to eat each other out

Are you a lesbian if your straight and enjoy kissing girls?

If you are a boy - you're not lesbian. If you are a girl - and staright - you wouldn't enjoy kissing girls.

How do lesbian girls look like?

they look like any other girl would. a lesbian is a girl who dates other girls

Can lesbians become straight?

no, if you're lesbian, you're lesbian, you can't "turn" into something else, or change your sexual orientation. although if a girl is doing things with another girl and decides not to anymore, she is not a lesbian, she is merely bi-curious.

How does a straight girl hook up with a lesbian?

This is an unlikely, if not impossible scenario, since a truly straight girl would not want to hook up with a lesbian.

If your girl dog humps your other girl dog are they lesbian?

not necesarily.... They could be really good friends, or they could be lesbian. There are other stuff too, like they could be bisexual (a girl or guy who likes both guys and girls) transgender (simply put, a girl who wants to be a guy or vice versa) lesbian (a girl who likes other girls). They could be undecided. Or they could be straight, just really good friends.

Why do guys like girls breast?

Well if you think about it, even if you're not a straight guy, bisexual or a lesbian, breast can actually be really beautifully shaped. And I'm a straight girl

Is a lesbian a girl who likes girls?


How do you get a girl to be lesbian?

you cant get a girl to be lesbian she decides if she wants to so if she likes girls more then boys its just natural for that girl