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I'm actually in eighth grade but I will still answer this for you.

7th and 8th grade is challenging.

They are preparing you for high school and they many years after that.

Academically, yes, the content you will be learning is gradually increasing in complexity.

Emotionally, you may (or may not) have troubles with your friends more often.

Don't worry. Think of junior high as one of the steps to becoming an adult!

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not if you have been paying attention all year, you review your past notes and assignments and if you had a useful teacher.

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Q: If you are in seventh grade answer this question do you think school is hard?
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What is the resolution of the story seventh grade by Gary Soto?

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Can you go to summer school at gonzales middle school in ascension parish if you failed seventh grade?

The only summer school offered in Ascension Parish is for those students who fail the LEAP test. That means you would have to be in the 4th, 8th, 10th, or 11th grade. I do think that you can attend summer school in EBR for 7th grade.

Is seventh grade easy?

every grade can be easy if you think that way and can be hard if you think that it is hard really depends on your thinking

How bad is seventh grade?

::Well... Seventh grade was QUITE a shock to me. In elementary school, and the sixth grade, all the teachers hold your hand and baby you. But, in the seventh grade, they try to get you ready for high school. So, seventh grade is the hardest year in middle school. All the high schools look at your seventh grade grades and standardized test results to see what kind of classes you should take. Also the DRAMA doesn't help. Everyone changes in the seventh grade and your old friends might not be friends with you again. But, if you stay organized, work hard, and stay away from the wrong crowd, seventh grade won't be as painful. And you still have the eighth grade. It's not as hard. You get used to the work load. Just get ready for the seventh, it's a real SHOCK. Good luck =) ::Seventh was the worst year of my life I got emotional problems and it really messed me up. I think it was just me most people say that its the best year :: I am in seventh grade right now, & I honestly think the only reason why people get jacked up that year is because everyone else turns into dumb a**es. Multiple girls cut themselves, one guy gave another a hand job during class, a girl carried around condoms, my best friend had sex then became suicidal. I think the only good thing about this year so far is that I got an incredibly awesome boyfriend. My grades have lowered from A's to C's, & they keep trying to prepare you for high school & college. But, it depends on the people in your school. My school is pretty messed up, as you could tell, but I'm still happy. It really depends on what all happens. No one can promise if it will be good or bad, because they don't know how your year will be. BUT,, GOOD LUCK, & welcome to the wild. :PP

Should seventh and 8th grade lunch be combined?

I think it is healthier for the community if 7th and 8th grade lunches are combined

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i am a 7th grade girl and i think fo-hawks rock. its fauxhawk

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Which one do you think is right? JK it is "A couple of neighboors were there." Even if I am only in the seventh grade I have an A+ in english!! Yay. Think about it does using "was" really make sense? When you think about it this question is just common sense.

What is the average seventh map test scores?

I think the average 7th grade math score is 222, I got 256 :) ---------------------------------------- I am in 5th grade REACH an I got 245. =] ----------------------------------------- I am in 6th grade and I got 284! I'm in 7th. I got a 275 in 6th. In a school enterance test I thought they would obviously accept me in and I got a 240. Now they won't let me in.

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Well it depends on what grade you are in too. If you are below his grade please dont date him i have and its a mistake to date a older guy. and if you are older than him i think its you choice. ~From~, ~ Question Mark~

How sounds differ?

From a seventh grade perspective, I think it is how loud or soft it is. It depends on how fast the vibrations are.

Is eighth grade harder than seventh grade?

Ummm ya it is! Wasn't 7th grade harder than 6th grade? I think that every time that you move up a grade everything gets harder.