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Yes it definitely is possible. That's why if you engage in group therapy sessions they don't want you to have contact with the people you meet outside of therapy because you could pick up on their bad habits such as cutting and trying to commit suicide.

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Q: Imagine you are seeing a therapist for the first time for depression When meeting with himher you are asked Is it possible that you have watched someone else engage in depressed behavior and picked up?
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Is it common for a 14 year old boy to be depressed?

Yes, it is possible for a 14-year-old boy to experience depression. Depression can occur at any age and is influenced by a variety of factors such as genetics, environment, and life events. It is important for adolescents experiencing depression to seek help from a mental health professional.

Can you be depressed if there's nothing to be sad about?

Yes, it is possible to feel depressed when there is nothing particular to be sad about. Depression is more than feeling sad about something.

Can a mistake cause depression?

If you let it. If you dwell on a mistake and allow it to consume your thoughts it is possible to become depressed.

Why some children are born mentally depressed?

They are born mentally depressed because at the past generation those childrens had done some of the things againstly to the god So they are born mentally depressed at the present generation.

How are depression and disillusionment alike dislike?

Disalike: Depression is a mental, physical, psychological health condition, often related to tramautic or stressful life-changes for an individual. Typically these changes are unwanted, and the person has difficulty developing coping mechanisms. Disillusionment is a state of mind, that does not necessarily affect one's immune system in the way that depression does. A person who is disillusioned may be perfectly healthy in other ways. Disllusionment is not the cause of depression. A person with depression may actually have an accurate mental interpretation of the things he/she relates to being depressed about. It is often said that depressed are negative in their thinking, and while this may be true, this does not garner whether or not they are accurate or disillusioned. Likewise, a positive person may be dissillusioned, and their disillusionment may be what keeps them happy! It is possible to be happy and dissilusioned, and it is also possible to be depressed and be dissillusioned. Yet it is also possible to be happy and be accurate, and it is also possible to be depressed an accurate. Alike: Both deal with mental processes, and the persons ability to cope with their mental process. Although depression is not only neurological, it is also physical. Whereas dissilusionment is purely mental. The similarilties pretty much end there. With both of them being neurological, brain activities. Keep in mind however that it is possible for people to be both depressed and dissillusioned, or accurate and depressed, or dissilusioned but not depressed. They are not necessarily inter-related.

Is it possible to become clinically depressed from not being understood?

From not being understood it is possible to be depressed, aggrieved, sad, but not possible to be clinically depressed (medically ill).

Depression while pregnant?

Yes it's possible to be depressed while being pregnant. Talk to a doctor about it. It can be dangerous to let it go on without doing anything about it.

Is it possible to have postnatal depression when your youngest is 5 years old?

no, its been too long since youve given birth, youre just depressed. cheer up! (:

Is it possible to feed your depression?

Yes it is. If you dwell on things that confuse you or started your depression, you will only become more depressed. You need to focus on things that please you or make you smile. Your experiences will always be present in your mind, but you don't have to pay homage to all of them.

Is it possible to be bipolar and depressed at the same time but hide your feelings so well?

Depression is a part of bipolar disorder, and yes it is possible to hide it. It's not healthy, but it can be done. What's harder to hide is the manic phase of bipolar.

Can you make yourself depressed?

Yes. It is very possible to make yourself depressed.

Is it possible for a betta to get depressed?