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Q: In Texas Defensive Course Video the video 'Dead in 5 Seconds' is dedicated to which victim?
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What is a sentence for defensive?

The coroner found defensive wounds on the victim's hands. I want to discuss this in a rational manner so that she doesn't get defensive and walk away. He scored half of the team's points plus he made several key defensive plays. If you yell at him, he'll only get defensive and the problem won't be solved. The team drafted a defensive lineman and a wide receiver.

How would you be able to tell ifs victim was not breathing?

Watch the victim's chest for 15 seconds or more. If the chest rises - the victim is breathing. If not - start artificial respiration.

What is a poison secreted by animals for either defensive or offensive purposes?

The poison that you are referring to is most likely: Venom - A powerful poison that can paralyze or kill the victim.

Can a raccoon be awakened when sleeping?

Yes, of course. If they could not be awakened they could become a victim to a predator.

What is the next course of action once the SARC is notified?

SARC assign a Victim Advocate to the case

Was martin Luther king a victim of racism?

No of course not that's what he was trying to get rid of..... racism.... am i wrong?!:/

Once the SARC is notified what is the next course of action?

SARC assign a Victim Advocate to the case

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The cast of When Seconds Count - 2000 includes: Bunny Gibson as Robbery Victim Natalia Lazarus as Co-Star Debra Milano as Sales Clerk

Can hearsay get you convicted of attempted murder?

yes of course, hearsay is something to do with the victim one way or another.

Can a public defender represent the victim and defendant?

Of course not! A public defender is paid by the public and represents the defendant.

What is it called the person who protects the victim in a court room?

The person who protects the victim in a courtroom is typically referred to as a victim advocate or a victim/witness advocate. They provide support, guidance, and information to victims throughout the legal process.

What should you do if a victim of a simple car accident claims injuries?

If a victim of a simple car accident claims injuries, it is best to talk to your insurance as soon as possible. Your insurance company will then require that the victim's insurance company provides proof of injury. If it is found that the victim is injured, your insurance company will instruct you on the next course of action.