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oh hey im in the 8th grade and im only 11!
even though most of the ppl in my grade r 14

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Q: In a class of 19 eighth grader's all but 3 of the students are 14 years old Two are 13 years old and one is 15 years old Which two data measurements are the same for the students ages?
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90 percent of the 8th grade class at a middle school vote for Nikki as class president if 270 students voted for her how many eighth graders go to the middle school?

300 eighth graders

In a class of 28 six graders all but one of the students are 12 years old which two data measurements are the same for the students age and what are those measurements?

mode is 12 median is 12

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Is eighth place a bad place in maths?

Depends how many students are in your class

What is the avg height of a eighth grader?

the average height of the 8th graders in my class is usually 5 foot 10 sometimes 6 feet tall with the boys

Is it true that if eighth graders don't pass history or science they wont go to ninth grade?

Yes, Science is a main class, if you fail it, you can be retained (held-back)

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Do sixth graders have school dances?

Yeah....6th graders do have dances....I did when I was in 6th grade....SOUUU YES THEY DO! (;