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the south

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Q: In the civil war which side tried to get England and France to join them?
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Did the confederates try to get England and France to join them?

Yes, the Confederates tried to get support from Great Britain during the Civil War. However Great Britain stayed out of the war.

Did the Union or the Confederacy try to get England and France to join them?

During the American Civil War both sides tried to get help, but the Confederacy had a bit more bargining power in-so-far-as they were able to export tobacco and cotton, however Great Britain and France stayed out of the American Civil War.

What is the sructure that join England and France?

The Chunnel

Who attacked England to draw France into war?

No one, France and England were both allies of Belgium,and when Germany attacked Belgium,both France and England had to join

Did France join England in World War 1 or did England join France?

neither joined neither, because it wasn't just England who joined them, it was the whole of Britain. England is not a fully fledged country as it doesn't have it's own government. Get your facts right. And Britain joined France.

Did England join the North or South?

It did not directly involve itself in the US Civil War.

Why didnt France and England join World War 2 during The Great Depression?


What were three countries where people came to join the gold rush?

England, France, Germany, United States of America.

Farinelli's opera company rivaled what famous composer's company in England?

Handel's company. Handel tried to Get Farinelli to join his company.

What was the resulting action or document for Edward needing to pay for war in France?

To agree to join forces with France and england

What date did England join World War 1 and why?

England had joined the Great War when they Declared on Germany for attacking both Belgium and France who were Britains allies

What countries join the world war 2?

Axis: Germany, Japan, Italy Allies: America, England, France, Australia etc.