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If I understand your question correctly, within the United States it is up to the professor. Grading systems vary according to the professor with some grading on predetermined questions, some choose research papers, some essays, and some a combination of all or part of them. Some professors do not have finals at all.

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Q: In university at an undergraduate level majoring in psychology are the finals multiple based questions?
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Majoring in psychology can be challenging due to the need to understand complex theories, research methods, and human behavior. However, with dedication, strong study skills, and a passion for the subject, many students find success in pursuing a psychology major. It's important to stay organized, seek support when needed, and actively engage in the coursework to excel in the field of psychology.

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How does one go about getting their degree in counseling psychology?

This is a graduate degree that one receives after first completing an undergraduate program, usually majoring in psychology. Having received the Psychology degree, you can then go on for the Master's degree, either in Counseling or Counseling Psychology. It generally takes two years to receive the Master's, during which time you will be probably be expected to work in an internship at a social service agency. There are a number of good schools offering the Master's and also the PhD. I enclose a link to a reputable list of accredited programs in the US.

What is Maya Moore majoring?

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If you go to college majoring in one thing can you go to graduate school and major in something unrelated?

Yes you can. As long as you meet the admissions requirements you can do it. My undergraduate degree is in psychology with a collateral program in gerontology. However, my master's degree is in organizational management. You will have to look at any prerequisites the major requires. If you have completed them, then you can apply for that program.

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Economics is considered both an art and a science. Major universities allow undergraduate students majoring in Economics to select whether they pursue a "Bachelor of Arts" or a "Bachelor of Science" degree in the field.

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Properly, you would say you are majoring in education - and you can clarify it with "primary", "secondary", as the case may be.

How much educaiton is neded to be a psycholgist?

To become a psychologist, you typically need a doctoral degree in psychology, which is about 5-7 years of postgraduate study. This includes completing a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, and then a doctoral program in psychology.