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In terms of post-graduate compensation, Bucknell is in the same range (if not above) most Ivy League institutions. See the Related Link below for more information. In terms of academics, it is debatable whether Bucknell is or is not an ivy league school. After some light research and quizzing of alumni, I have found the following pieces of information which can hopefully answer your question...

1. Bucknell is an institution focused on undergraduate education. Unlike many (if not all?) of the ivy league schools, all of whom have post-professional programs (grad schools). Bucknell, at this time, does not want to go into the graduate school game (on a deeper level) as it would take away from the stellar undergraduate education.

2. In terms of getting into Bucknell, it isn't quite an ivy. However, it is close. For the last couple of years the acceptance rate has been below 30%--which puts the school in exclusive company.

3. Our sports teams often compete against (and beat) ivy league schools.

Conclusion: Bucknell is part of a class that is coming to be known as "The Hidden Ivies." Call it a "baby ivy" or whatever you would like, Bucknell--overall--is a great school.

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Q: Is Bucknell University a baby ivy league school?
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