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man vs nature: travis and old yeller often fight other animals such as when old yeller protects travis from hogs

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Q: Is Old Yeller a man vs man or man vs nature or a man vs himself?
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Describe the character of Travis in Old Yeller?

Mature, never gives up, fearless, hardworking, rude, strong, responsible,

What is the conflict about in the book Old Yeller?

The issue of human needs versus animal needs(the term animal rights was not yet coined) and the animal-sacrifice theme where the lead adult character shoots the Title character who has become rabid or infected with snake-bite. I never read the book but am familiar with reviews. It was one of the few live-action Disney films to have an unambiguous tragic ending- as opposed to one where say an animal ran off but could conceivably have been adopted by someone, this was final, shotgun death blast! The animal=sacrifice theme loosely pushed the outer perimeter of science fiction, such topics as , perhaps euthanasia, but has been used in some novels and also factual accounts such as the mis-titled (Ice pan) or Adventure on the Ice Pan, by Sir Wilfred Grenfell, the Labrador missionary. It"s based on fact, but if a novel, one might say a blend of Old Yeller and Jack London"s tales, as the location is the wiolds of the sub-arctic.

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Who is DiMaggio in 'The Old Man and the Sea'?

In "The Old Man and the Sea," DiMaggio is a famous baseball player whom the old man admires for his skill and perseverance. The old man sees DiMaggio as a symbol of strength and resilience, much like himself as he struggles against nature to catch the giant marlin.

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What is the conflict in the old man and the sea?

The conflict in "The Old Man and the Sea" is the man versus nature. Santiago, the old man, is pitted against the powerful forces of the sea as he struggles to catch a giant marlin. His battle with the marlin illustrates his resilience and determination to overcome the challenges posed by nature.