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No. Godolphin is Amazing, especially the IB.

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Q: Is St Pauls for Girls a better school than Godolphin and Latymer for Girls School?
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When was The Latymer School created?

The Latymer School was created in 1624.

When was Latymer Upper School created?

Latymer Upper School was created in 1624.

When was Godolphin School created?

Godolphin School was created in 1726.

Is the latymer school better or gladesmore community school?

gladesmore will make sure you pursue your dreams and will make sure you do will its a fantastic school latymer all students get treated the same as they are all pretty much the same

What is Godolphin School's motto?

The motto of Godolphin School is 'Frank and loyal thou art'.

Do you have to take the Latymer test to get into Latymer School?

Yeah. You need to take the Latymer exam and pass an interview I THINK!!!!

What is City of London School's motto?

Harrow School's motto is 'The Faithful Dispensation of the Gifts of God'.

Who is head mistress at the Godolphin School Salisbury?

Jill Horsburgh

Mayflower primary school good or anderson primary school better?

Mayflower Primary School is a better school than the Anderson Primary School.

Is boarding school is better or public school?

public school

Is zsis better than American school?

zaharat alsahraa school is better than american school

Which school is better ferrars junior school or Putteridge junior school?

Ferrars is better its the richest junior school in Bedford sher and its the 2nd best school in beds