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No, the associate and bachelor degrees are undergraduate degrees. The master's and doctorate are graduate degrees.

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It is a graduate degree


An BA is an undergraduate degree. You normally have to get one before you can move on to the graduate level (Masters, PhD etc)

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Undergraduate. They are taken before a student takes graduate degrees, such as master's or doctorate degrees.

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No. A master's is normally the next more advanced degree after The Bachelor's.

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Q: Is a bachelor's degree higher than a master degree?
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Which one is higher MA or BS?

An MA is a Master of Arts and BS is a Bachelors of Science. The Masters degree requires a higher level of education than a Bachelor degree does.

Can you get a higher degree than master degree?

A doctor's degree is higher than a master's degree.

Is bachelor's degree higher than associative?

The order of college degrees is Associates, Bachelors, Masters, PhD, MD and JD. A Bachelors degree would be higher than an Associates degree.

Which is higher associate or bachelors?

If you meant "associate or master", a master of science is much harder to obtain than an associate of science.

Is an associate's degree higher than a MBA degree?

No. An MBA is a Master's of Buisness Administration, which is higher than a Bachelor's degree, which is higher than and Associate's degree.

Is bachelor's degree higher than associate's degree?

Yes. # Certificate/diploma # Associates # Bachelors # Masters # PhD

What is the next degree after a Bachelor?

The degree one typically receives after the Bachelors degree is a Masters degree. Note: the actual degree title is Master of Science or Master of Arts, etc.; however one speaks of having a Master's degree in

In Canada is a master's degree higher than a bachelor's degree?

Yes, it is. The master's is advanced study after completion of the bachelor's degree, same as in the United States.

Is it better to hold multiple Bachelor's degrees or get a Master's degree?

Yes. The simple answer is YES. As a general rule, it's better to get a Master's degree than just a Bachelor's degree. Of course, it's usually even better to get a Doctorate than just Master's & Bachelor's degrees. And just think, you get to stay in college longer too. Three, maybe four more years of halcyon days midst Elysian Fields, sharing ambrosia,wine, song and love on the campus of dear old Alma Mater and ...well, you get the point. Again, the simple answer is YES. As a general rule. In a surprising and somber commentary on the tragedy of poor souls who try their turn at bat in life using only a Bachelor's Degree in social work as a recommendation or credential, the original answerer of this question notes below: A bachelors in social work is pretty much useless except as a general education. If you intend to do any real social work you will need the masters degree. Answer: All of the above are great observations. If you are interested in non-clinical areas like organizing or administration, a Master's is less critical. In most states, you need a Master's to qualify for an independent, or "clinical" license. I would LOVE to have a PhD, but the truth is that (at least in the New England area) a PhD in Social Work doesn't increase one's imbursement rate from 3rd party payers by a single cent. So, unless you want to enter academia, a PhD would be quite an investment of resources with not much of a practical return.

How can I get a doctor degree?

Being a doctor is one of the most rewarding careers out there today. It usually takes 4 years to get your degree after you have your bachelors degree. If you already have a master's degree you could possible get it quicker than that.

Is a doctorate degree higher than a bachelor degree?

A bachelor's degree is received after 4 years (or so) of college. If you continue with college you can receive a master's degree (I believe its about 30 extra credits). You can continue with coarses and receive your doctoral degree and I'm not positive, but I think its 60 or 90 extra credits. The doctoral degree is higher.

What is the difference between a master of architecture and a bachelor of architecture?

The B-Arch is an undergraduate degree in architecture that can last up to five years. The B-Tech is a Bachelor of Technology and is a four year undergraduate degree.