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If you are referring to a judge who is an official who presides over a court, no it is far from an entry level position.

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Q: Is a judge a entry level position?
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Is a financial analyst an entry level position?


What is the entry level of Chefs?

The entry level chef position can start out making $25,000. It can be more depending on the area and location.

What is the meaning of entry level position?

an entry level position means a position where the job applicant has no (or very little) experience in the related skill set associated with the specific position applied for. usually, employers are looking for recent college grads when seeking to fill entry level positions, however it does not hurt to apply anyway... best wishes, if you yourself are a job applicant currently!!

What is an entry-level position for someone with an interest in economics?

The primary responsibilities in entry-level positions are the collection, adaptation, and preparation of data.

Is entry level hyphenated?

Yes, it is hyphenated. The best way to recall and understand if words should be hyphenated is to first look at the words which are causing doubt.Example sentence:"The hiring manager stated the job required zero experience as it is an entry-level position."Entry, Level and Position are the three words you need to be concerned with.Start by looking at the last word, in this case it is: Position. Then look at the two proceeding words: Entry and Level.Now simply ask yourself: Is this an "Entry Position?" The answer is no, it is not.Then ask: Is this a "Level Position?" The answer is no, it is not; it is however an 'entry-level position.'Best to sum it up by saying if the preceding two words do not make sense when each is spoken alone along with the third word ( remember "Level Position") then you can and should hyphenate it.

What is the average salary of entry level accounting jobs?

Entry level accountants can make $10000-$30000. It also depends on the job position.

What are the qualifications needed for an entry level position in the field of biotechnology?

In order to obtain an entry level position in biotechnology, you will need to have a degree in the field. There are very few Science or engineering jobs you can get without a degree.

What is an entry level master's program?

I have never heard of that terminology for a master's degree. I could be a master's program that leads to an entry level position at a professional level. Just a personal opinion.

What is the entry level position for detective in us?

Detective Pay Grade 1.

What other duties might one expect to do with an entry level datay entry position?

Typing, answering phones, or data entry are all tasks associated with this position. Salaries range depending on region of the country.

Is it easy to get an entry level position doing data entry in an office?

It is fairly easy to get a data entry position in an office. The primary requirement for the job is to be a rapid typist, and experience with office applications is also valuable.

What are the educational requirements for an entry-level position in the insurance field?

Many of the entry-level clerical positions in the insurance industry require only a high school diploma.