Is agapo or filia a deeper love?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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agape, & 'agapo' literally means 'i love' ...'agape' is the word love

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Q: Is agapo or filia a deeper love?
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What does se agapo mean?

Se agapo is Greek for "I love you"

What is the difference between agape and agapo?

Agape is a Greek word referring to selfless, unconditional love, often used in Christian theology. Agapo does not have a specific meaning in Greek but could be an incorrect or non-standard form related to the verb "agapo," which means "I love" in Greek.

What is 'Ego sas agapo monos' in English?

I love you alone is the English equivalent of 'Ego sas agapo monos'. In the word by word translation, the personal pronoun 'ego' means 'I'. The personal pronoun 'sas' means 'you'. The verb 'agapo' means '[I] love'. The adjective 'monos' means 'alone'.

What is 'Zoë mou sas agapo' in english?

It means "I love you, Zoe"

How many ways are there to say love in greek?

Agapi : Love αγάπη se agapo. :I love you Σε αγαπώ

What does filia kardoula mou mean?

"Filia kardoula mou" is Greek for "kiss, my heart." It is a term of endearment used to express love and affection towards someone.

What does the greek work filia mean?

The Greek word "filia" translates to "friendship" or "affection" in English. It represents the bond of love or friendship between individuals.

What does the greek phrase sagapo filia means?

sagapo means I love you and filia means friendship....I love you friend? I guess that's what it means but I'm not greek so it might have a different meaning when put in a sentence.

What does the greek word filia mean?

The Greek word "filia" translates to "friendship" or "love" in English. It conveys a sense of deep affection and connection between individuals.

What is the English translation of Kai ego s'agapo?

Kai ego = me too 's agapo = i love you translation = i love you too

How do you say kiss me in greek?

it is really simple my friend i will give you an answer because i am from grees but i am not sure what exactly do you want but i will give you a translation of that it is -->(Ελα και δώσε μου ενα φιλακι -->ela Kai dwse mou ena filaki) i hope i helped you my friend

What does Agapi Agapo mean in English?

Agape love is unconditional love. It is a love that someone has for others that is not based on mutual love or what they can get out of it or what any actions of one side has done to cause it. Jesus Christ has unconditional love for us. It is when you love someone that has done nothing to give you cause to love them. You just love them because.