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Generally I would say that it is good for the environment. The biodiesel reduces the emissions of carbon dioxide by over 50 percent, driving down the pollution in the air. That is because the biodiesel emissions are from recycled carbon that was already in the atmosphere. The biodiesel also has a lot less hydrocarbons.

In fact, there are venture capitalist investing large amount of money on biofuels.

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Q: Is biofuel good for the environment?
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Is biofeul good?

I think you mean BIOFUEL. It can be good for the environment because it doesn't use up petroleum products. It is good for recycling because you can re-use oil that has been used for cooking. It can be bad because not all automobiles can use biofuel in their engines.

What is the difference between biofuel and biodiesel?

Biofuel is organic, cheap, good for the environmet, and made from plants grown here in the US. Biodiesel is recycled oil that can be used to run cars and plains but it is not organic and the reproduction is not good for the environment at all and can be a bit more expensive. All in all they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

What would biofuel be good for?

making better greener fuel.

Would cereal bars make a good biofuel?

i guess

How do you get energy from biofuel?

There are many ways in which you could get energy from biofuel. You could for example burn the biofuel substance.

What is in biofuel?

Different types of plants can be turned into biofuel

How is biofuel energymade?

Biofuel is energy made by heat.

What fuel is made from animal waste and plants?

the answer is biofuel

What plant is in biofuel?

Different types of plants can be turned into biofuel

Is biofuel green?

biofuel is green because it does not uses fossil fuels to do things.

Being Wise with Biofuel Vehicles?

If you want to teach your children how to be frugal and still respect the environment, then purchasing biofuel vehicles is a smart choice. As a parent, you hold tremendous power in shaping the minds of your children. Your children will learn how to be environmentally friendly and conscious if you go ahead and make the purchase of biofuel vehicles. This type of car will also result in more flexibility within any family budget.

Where is biofuel worth using?

For most people, biofuel is worth using if it is cheaper than normal fuels (gas, coal, electricity, etc.) currently being used - to keep household costs down. Anyone very concerned with the environment may be prepared to pay extra on principle.