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Learning inside or outside has its pros and cons depending on the subject to be learned. Because of the broad range of subjects you could learn or study, this is a very general question that can only be answered broadly.

If the subject requires an outdoor item or an outdoor environment, unless it can be simulated in an indoor area, the subject should be learned outside. Some teachers opt to occasionally teach a lesson outside because of the fresh air and open area, which is believed to clear the minds of their students.

If the subject requires an item that should be kept indoors or should logically not be taught outside because of whether conditions or the actual nature of the subject, the subject should be taught inside.

If the subject can be taught inside or outside, there's no right or wrong; Teaching outdoors is believed to give people a fresh sense of thinking, but the indoors offer tools (like a computer or air conditioning) that can help with learning. This should be a judgment call. If you are learning the subject with multiple people, it may help to cast a vote.

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Q: Is it better to learn inside or outside?
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