Is maxi glass breakable

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Maxi glass is actually a plastic that is resistant to breakage but not unbreakable. Plastic is generally more prone to scratching but more resistant to breakage. Glass is more prone to breakage but is scratch resistant.

Depending on your application if you need a truly unbreakable transparent product I would recommend a polycarbonate such as lexan. (bulletproof glass) Otherwise if you just don't want your drink glass to break then "Maxi Glass" will be ok.

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Q: Is maxi glass breakable
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Maxi Glass is a type of glass product that is characterized by its larger size compared to traditional glass panels. It is commonly used in architecture and interior design to create expansive and seamless glass surfaces. Maxi Glass offers enhanced natural light penetration and unobstructed views due to its large dimensions.

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