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Absolutely yes. You should get all the free education you can while in school. In addition, you should read lots of books both literature and non-fiction, read articles online, research subjects that interest you, watch Nova, visit the library, attend cultural events that interest you, visit museums and acquire friends who are also interested in enlarging themselves and improving their lives through education.

All the knowledge you acquire will help you live a better life. It will help you navigate the world better than an uneducated person by making it possible for you to understand how things work. If you understand how things work you will be less likely to become a victim of abuse, scams, predators, banks, credit card companies and even the people who may be in power at any given time.

If you understand how things work you can make better decisions on how to live your life and avoid making mistakes that can affect you for the rest of your life. The more education you get the more you will want to get. Education spawns a desire for more education and a better life. Educating yourself is a life long, ongoing process because there is always more to learn.

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Yes because if you have a better education you will get a better job that pays more. so you will have more money to do what you want to do. but i am not saying that money buys happiness.

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Noo its just a waste of time

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Q: Is school actually usefull in life?
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