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Q: Is the word terrible Greek or Latin?
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What is the Latin translation for the word terrible in Latin?

'Terrible' in Latin is 'Terribilis'

What is the Latin word for terrible?

The Latin translation for the word terrible is terribilis. Other translations that can mean the same thing are horrendus, horribilis, and atrox.

Did terribles originated from any latin terms?

The word "terrible" does not originate from any Latin terms. The Latin term for one may be looking for is the Latin word "atrox." This word is the Latin for terrible, horror, and cruel.

Is the word heptathlon greek or latin?

is heptathalon a greek or latin word

Is monarch a Greek or Latin word?

The original word was the Latin monarcha, which evolved into the Greek word monárchēs. Therefore, it does have origins in both Latin and Greek.

What is the latin and greek word of flat worms?

Greek word- Plathelminthes. Latin word-cestus

Is the root word dorm latin or greek?

The root word "dorm" is Latin. It comes from the Latin word "dormire," which means "to sleep."

Is the word Port latin or greek?

It is Latin, from the word, "portus."

Is Fract a Latin or Greek root word?

"Fract" is a Latin root word, derived from the Latin verb "frangere" meaning "to break."

Is the word lackadaisical greek or latin?


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