Is tragedy a noun

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: Is tragedy a noun
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What is the past tense of tragedy?

No such thing, because the word "tragedy" is a noun, not a verb.

Is tragedy an adverb?

No. The word tragedy is a noun. The related adverb is "tragically."

How do you put the word tragedy into a sentence?

Tragedy is a noun in a sentence.The tragedy was unbearable.Her tragedy would scar her life forever.It would a tragedy if you left me.

What is an adverb for tragedy?

An adverb for the noun tragedy could be "tragically." It means in a sad, unfortunate, or tragic way.

Is tragedy an abstract noun?


How do you spell tragidy?

That is the correct spelling of the word tragic (sad, unfortunate).

What type of noun the word tragedy?

The noun 'tragedy' is a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for a disastrous or distressing event; a word for a type of story, play, movie, etc. based on something sad or disastrous; a word for a concept; a word for a thing.

Form an adjective from the noun prevention?

The word 'prevention' is a noun form for the verb to prevent. The adjective forms for the verb to prevent are the past participle prevented (a prevented tragedy), and preventable (a preventable tragedy).

What part of speech is tragedy?

The word "trauma" is a noun. A trauma is a physical or mental injury that can have deep and lasting effects on a person. The word can become an adjective: "traumatic." Seeing his mother in the hospital with cancer was a very traumatic experience. And if you want it to be a verb, that is "to traumatize."

What is a noun that describes a tragedy?

Nouns cannot describe anything. Adjectives would be words that describe something. The word "tragic" would be the adjective form to describe a tragedy.

Is the word tragedy an adjective?

No, it is a noun, it is often confused as an adjective so i wouldn't give you an F

What is an abstrast noun?

An abstract noun is a word for something that can't be seen, heard, felt, tasted, or smelled. Some examples are freedom, health, love, happiness, excitement, or tragedy.