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Q: Jimmy Stewart graduated from Princeton what year?
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What did Michelle Obama major in at Princeton?

Michelle Obama graduated from Princeton cum laude in 1985. She then went on to study law at Harvard Law School.

What year did James Madison graduate college?

James Madison graduated from the University of New Jersey in 1771. This is now known as Princeton University.

What year did Jimmy Carter attend Georgia southwestern college?

He graduated from Plains High School in 1941.

In which year was Princeton born?

Princeton was born in 1995.

What year was Princeton born?

Princeton was born in 1997

What year was Princeton from MB born in?

Princeton's birthday is April 21 and the year they were born in was 1997.

When did Michelle Obama graduate from Harvard law school?

Michelle Obama attended Princeton University from 1981-1985. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelors in Sociology and minor in African American Studies. She also attended Harvard Law School and graduated in 1988 with her Juris Doctorate.

What year was Princeton from mindless behavior born in?

my baby Princeton was born in 1997

How many people graduated this year?

I do not have specific information on the number of people who graduated this year.

What about the international transferring to Princeton?

Princeton does not allow students to transfer to Princeton University. However, Princeton University has numerous exchange programs with other universities through which international students can spend up to a year in Princeton.

Has Shawn Johnson graduated?

Yes, she graduated from highschool last year

In what year did j Madison attend Princeton?

James Madison attended Princeton from 1769 -1772.