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Here is an example sentence with 'mysterious as an echo':

Whether it is something as mysterious as an echo or as baffling as the universe, science can provide an answer to them.

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Q: Make a sentence using as mysterious as an echo?
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What is a sentence using the word reverberated in it?

The echo reverberated around the cavern.

Can you give me a sentence using the word abyss?

We heard the rock echo as it fell into the abyss.

Can you write a sentence using the word echo?

Yes [example my voice echoed in the building].

What are the release dates for Echo Chamber - 2011 Mysterious Employer 1-10?

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Why you do listen echo?

That is not a sentence. And echo's are physics.

Use nymph in a sentence?

in the story "Echo and Narcissus", Echo is a nymph.

Can echo be used with conjunction words?

Yes, "echo" can be used with conjunction words. For example, you can echo a sentence that contains conjunction words like "and" or "but" to repeat the entire sentence or just the part before or after the conjunction.

How to display a variable in PHP using echo or print statements?

displaying a variable in php using echo statement? <?php $name="ram"; //declaring and defining the variable echo "$name"; //printing the variable using echo command ?>

How do you make echo writing in CMD stop for a few seconds without using pause?

wait (interval)

How do you output a star using PHP?

You can output a star using PHP by using the echo statement like this: echo "★"; This will output a star symbol on the webpage.

How do you use echo in a sentence?

The girl yelled in her garage and she heard her self echo

How do you use the word echo in a sentence?

John could hear the echo of his canteen hitting rocks as it rolled down the canyon wall.