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follow directions well

read, write and calculate well

recognize problems and find solutions

finish a job quickly without sacrificing quality

be honest and dependable

communicate clearly and get along well with people

dress properly and practice good grooming

have a positive attitude and be cooperative

know rules concerning their scope of practice

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Q: Name 10 attributes of th medical assistant that can help you portray a positive attitude?
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What does a medical assistant report when a urinalysis produces a false positive result for a medical condition?

A positive result, obviously, since the assistant has no way of knowing that it is a false-positive. It is up to the doctor to consider the odds that the test was a false positive (see: test specificity and sensitivity) together with clinical signs, symptoms, history, epidemiology, and the results of other tests in making a diagnosis

What can you do with a medical office assistant diploma?

Medical Assistant Job in hospitals has the requirement of medical assistant certifiction. Medical assistant is providing basic services to the patients and doctors. The services of medical assistant also includes clerical and nursing services.

What is required to be a medical assistant?

A college degree is required to be a medical assistant.

What could be accomplishments as a medical front office assistant?

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How are the two jobs different Medical assistant and Medical office assistant?

Answer: Medical assistant is trained in every job in the medical office from the front desk job to doing the clinical job in the back office. The medical office assistant is just trained to do the front desk job.

How much does a medical assistant in Washington state make?

It depends what type of medical assistant your thinking of.

Do you need CPR to become a medical assistant?

Yes, you will need CPR to become a medical assistant.

What organization awards the Registered Medical Assistant credential?

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If you were a medical assistant?

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How much do a medical assistant make in Florida?

A medical assistant typically earns $28,780 in Florida.

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Where can i find a job as a medical assistant in a jail or prison?

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