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Undergraduate Degree Programs

* Bachelor in Agricultural Technology

* Bachelor of Arts

* Bachelor of Arts in Literature

* Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

* Bachelor of Elementary Education

* Bachelor of Home Technology

* Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

* Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management

* Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering

* Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

* Bachelor of Science in Biology

* Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

* Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

* Bachelor of Science in Community Development

* Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

* Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

* Bachelor of Science in Electronics Communication Engineering

* Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

* Bachelor of Science in Fisheries

* Bachelor of Science in Forestry

* Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering

* Bachelor of Science in Guidance & Counseling

* Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education

* Bachelor of Science in Information Management

* Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

* Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

* Bachelor of Science in Office Administration

* Bachelor of Science in Psychology

* Bachelor of Science in Social Work

* Bachelor of Secondary Education

* Bachelor of Technology

Diploma & Short-term Programs

* Career Education Development Program

* Certificate in Professional Education

* Certificate in Professional Librarianship

* Certificate of Technology

* Computer Management Technology

* Computer System Technology

* Three-Year Biomedical Technician Course

* Two-Year Certificate in Computer Operations for the Hearing Impaired

* Diploma in Computer Secretarial

* Diploma in Farm Mechanics

* Diploma in Fiber Technology

* Diploma in Forestry

* Diploma in Home Technology

* Diploma in Textile Technology

* Engineering Technology

* Extension Program and Services

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Q: Offered courses in university of Rizal State College?
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Related questions

Who is the first university in the Philippines offered the course of BS Astronomy?

Rizal Technological University in Mandaluyong City is the first and currently the only school that offers courses in astronomy such as B.S. Astronomy Technology and MS in Astronomy

What courses did Jose rizal finished in Spain?

University central de madrid

Courses of rizal?

Some possible courses about Rizal could include Rizal's life and works, Rizal's impact on Philippine society and history, and Rizal's influence on Filipino nationalism and independence movements. These courses may cover topics such as Rizal's childhood, education, writings, political beliefs, and his role in the Philippine revolution against Spanish colonial rule.

When was Jose Rizal University created?

Jose Rizal University was created in 1919.

What are the courses that Jose p rizal took up?

Jose Rizal took up various courses including Literature, Medicine, Philosophy, Ophthalmology, and History. He studied at the University of Santo Tomas, Ateneo Municipal de Manila, and Universidad Central de Madrid.

Why Jose Rizal University named after rizal?

Jose Rizal University is named after the Philippines' national hero, Jose Rizal, to honor his contributions to the country's independence movement and his role as a symbol of Filipino nationalism and patriotism. Rizal's ideals of education, freedom, and social justice align with the university's mission and vision, making him a fitting namesake.

Why is rizal one of the minor subjects taken up in college?

Rizal as a subject is considered minor because it focuses on the life, works, and writings of one national hero in the Philippines. It is not as comprehensive as major subjects that cover broader topics or disciplines. Furthermore, Rizal subject is seen as supplementary to the core courses in college that provide a foundational education in various fields.

When was University of Rizal System created?

University of Rizal System was created on 2001-08-11.

When was Rizal Technological University created?

Rizal Technological University was created on 1969-07-11.

What courses did Jose Rizal take at the University of Santo Tomas?

Jose Rizal studied Philosophy and Letters at the University of Santo Tomas. He was also enrolled in medicine school at the University, eventually transferring to the Universidad Central de Madrid in Spain to complete his medical studies.

Where did Jose Rizal first study college?

He attended the Ateneo Municipal de Manila, earning a Bachelor of Arts, and enrolled in medicine at the University of Santo Tomas. He continued his studies at the Universidad Central de Madrid in Madrid, Spain, earning the degree of Licentiate in Medicine. He also attended the University of Paris and earned a second doctorate at the University of Heidelberg.

When was Jose Rizal Memorial State University created?

Jose Rizal Memorial State University was created in 2010.