Oldest college in kerala

Updated: 11/8/2022
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CMS college

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Q: Oldest college in kerala
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When was Sree Kerala Varma College created?

Sree Kerala Varma College was created in 1911-08.

Oldest English school in kerala?

Mattancheri English School

What is the motto of Sree Kerala Varma College?

The motto of Sree Kerala Varma College is 'Asthu Vrittam Subham Sada'.

Is BTech courses of Karunya university Coimbatore approved by Kerala PSC?

if a university is approved by "UGC" it is approved by kerala PSC, provided that the college you study should not be 'autonomous college.' Autonomous college degrees are not approved by universities in kerala

First arts and science college in kerala?

The CMS college Kottayam comes under the category 'Arts and Science College'. It is the first college in Kerala. so the answer is CMS college Kottayam by KRG Prince

Government collages for pharm d in kerala?

the top pharm - D college in kerala

Which is the oldest community in India?

St. Thomas Christans of Kerala state in India is the oldest community with continuous exitence to date.

noorul islam polytechnic college is approved by Kerala psc?

No, Noorul Islam Polytechnic College is not approved by the Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC).

Where is maharajas college located in kerala?

Maharaja College is located at T D Road, Marrin Drive Kanayannur, Kerala in the heart of the city. The College is located on the banks of the Vembanad Lake.

Which is the biggest national garden in kerala?

The biggest national garden Kerala is located at the Vellayani Agricultural College.

Ranking of college of engineering adoor in kerala?


Aeronautical engineering college in kerala?

Isat with iist