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I think a teacher is more important but I guess a farmer could be more important because they feed us and without them we would starve, whereas a teacher feeds us education, which we can survive without.

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Because he/.

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Q: Pls how what makes a farmer important than a teacher in the society?
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Who is more important for country farmer or a soldier?

In my opinion both farmer and soldier are equal important. neither of one can live without each other a farmer makes food for a soldier and a soldier protect a farmer and his farm,so neither is above or below...

Who makes the important decisions in the givers's society?

the committee

A teacher and a farmer who is more important?

Teachers are more important than farmers because every emitation must have original some where that means farmers are by-product of teachers,so without being taught by teachers how would they farm,how would they interact interms of exporting the good,how would they be known,how would they safe their farm produce for future Amayak utin.

Who makes the important decisions in book's society the giver?

The group of elders make the important decisions

Between teachers doctors farmers and soldiers who serves the country the most?

I'd say, if you are talking about Britain in WWII, both are equally important and serve the country equally. It might also depend on whether the farmer is successful & not bombed!No society can live without food, or enjoy their bounty under threat of aggression. So one is as important as the other.Doctor makes mistake, patient may be ill or die. Teacher makes mistakes, pupil may make others ill or die.Both in their own way. All citizens serve in some way.

What is an apple farmer?

An apple farmer is someone who makes a living growing and selling apples.

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It lets the students feel more of a personal relationship with their teacher. It also generally makes students feel important and makes them view you in a positive light.

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How much does a livestock farmer make in a year?

the average farmer makes 90,000 to 150,000 a year

Which of the following makes and provides goods A a midwife B a preacher C a farmer D a waitress?

a farmer

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