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Q: Que hace Jesus para mostrar que ha sido enviado por Dios?
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What does dios sabe lo que hace mean in English?

God knows what he does.

Dios sabe lo que hace mean in English?

It means "God knows what he is doing"

How do you say its cold in spanish?

hace frío = it's cold hace muy frío= it's really cold

Hace in English?

He does, she does or it does. It is also use in a sentence No se hace! No se hace means Don't do that!

What does hace sol mean?

'Hace sol' means "The weather is Sunny". 'Sol' means 'sun' in spanish, and 'hace' means 'it is'.

What does the spanish word Hace mean?

hacer means to make or do so hace is the conjugated form of that. Hace means he or she makes or he or she does. --amanda

What are some phrases for weather in Spanish?

hola! el tiempo: The weather llueve: Rain nieva: Snow hace buen tiempo: Good temp. hace frio: Cold hace sol: Sun hace calor: Hot hace viento: Windy hace fresco: Chilly esta nubeldo: Its cloudy EX: Esta muy bien tempo. Hace sol. No llueve. Hace calor. No esta nubeldo. (just put a no in front of it if you want to say it is not....)

What does hace bebidas mean?

'Hace Bebidas' means 'make drinks'.

How do you ask what do you do in Spanish?

Que hace (ah-say) means "what are you doing." In English when we ask "what do you do?" we usually mean "where or in what position do you work." That is "Como trabaja?" or "Donde trabaja?"Que Hace does NOT mean What are you doing!Que (in que hace) means what.Hace (in que hace) means It's.Que hace makes no sense.Que hace means What it's.

How do you write the weather is sunny today in spanish?

Hoy hace calor Hoy está soleado Hace sol hoy

What is hace vientohace sol?

"Hace viento" means "It's windy" and "hace sol" means "It's sunny" in Spanish.

How do you answer cuando hace sol means?

"Cuando hace sol" means "When it's sunny."