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Q: Sc category rank-3397 whether you are eligible 4 preparatory course?
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What is the age limit for group 2 exams for a sc candidate?

sir i am working an employee in state govt.and i belogs to sc category whether i am eligible or not for prepare gr-2 exam for executive posts

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Yearly Income.

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U.S. Government Information has a wealth of information as to whether you are eligible for a grant or not. If you live in Canada, Canada Grants online has the information you need to see if you are eligible for a government grant.

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In order to find out whether or not your company is eligible for this or not, you are going to have to contact the credit card company and ask if you are.

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Illegal aliens are not eligible for Medicare. Whether such a person is eligible for a pension depends on the rules of that pension system..

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Here's a site that can tell you whether you're eligible for one or not if you read it carefully!

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Whether BCA students are eligible for and MSC in bioinformatics will be determined by the individual college. The best source for this information is one's own academic advisor.

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It really depends a lot on your situation whether you are eligible. Some places will allow you while others won't. You have to call the places and find out.