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because it is essential to our 21st sentury learning also if they were to remove wifi it would create even larger roadblocks for our students in an already challenging future

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Hell Yeah!!

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Q: Should students have access to the Internet in the school?
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Is it legal for a university to filter the internet and not allow students to obtain unfiltered internet through another provider?

Yes.Added: If the school is supplying the internet access, it is their right to control access to it by those choosing to use it.

How do you i use school internet?

School internet should only be accessed with permission of a teacher. Most WiFi signals and computers owned by the school will have a password to gain access.

How do you access internet from school?


Should students have a high school/homeschool curriculum?

They should be looking for it in far places or they should get out of home school and have high school curriculum. I hope this answer helps you. You may look up the internet if this doesn't help.

Does high school have WiFi?

Depends on the high school. Almost all high schools have WiFi and internet access, but not all schools have made it accessible for students. Best way to find out would be to ask your high school directly.

Which sites should children be allowed to access via internet in their classroom?

Whilst in school children should be allowed to access the internet. It is a great learning tool however has a lot of inappropriate content. Most schools have a strict "Surfing Policy" allowing children to use the internet for school associated projects, on approved websites. All computers in schools are closely monitored.

How can Yahoo email be accessed at school?

it can be accessed by providing students with Internet (at limit) at school

What can be done if your campus-wide network is experiencing slow internet?

Campus Internet speed is related to how many students are online. The only solution to slow Internet access is to use the net when there are not so many students using it. Perhaps a petition to the school to improve or expand the network would soon improve the network for all users.

Should students do school speeches?

Students should only do school speeches if they feel comfortable doing the speech.

How can I get unfiltered internet access at my school using a mac?

You cant!

Should students run the school?

i think only certain students that can be trusted should

How do you unfilter a school internet?

If you need to access a filtered site you could ask a teacher. Besides that there is no way to legitimately unfilter a school internet.