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Q: Should students have daily chores debate?
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What is a good sentence about daily chores with the word obligatory in it?

In our house it is obligatory for everybody to do daily chores.

What is china's daily life?

china's daily life is chores and bureaucracy.

Should you use an apostrophe for the following title 'Daily Students Register'?

I would recommend skirting the issue and calling it "Daily Student Register". Failing that, it's "Daily Students' Register"

What are functions of a robot?

it can used in our daily chores or a task.and it can help many people..

Problems faced by people in their daily house chores?

One problem they may face in their daily house chores is that they do not have enough time to complete them. Another problem is not having enough money to buy cleaning supplies.

What were daily chores at the mission santa Clara de asis?

Daily chores at Mission Santa Clara de Asis included farming, tending to livestock, cooking, cleaning, maintaining buildings, and attending church services. Native Americans living at the mission were expected to participate in these activities as part of their daily routine under the supervision of the Spanish missionaries.

What do women in the military do in their daily life?

they did chores house work and to feed the young

What was daily life like in new kingdom Egypt?

it was the chores and jobs they were ordered to do

What were some of the chores which Mary had to complete daily?

cooking, farming, looking after the animals

How much time should my 11 and 18 year old sons play video games?

They should play 1 hour each or 2 hours toghether but thats of course after their daily chores.

Did Susan B Anthony have to do chores at her childhood age?

Yes one of her chores was to bake 21 loaves of bread daily. These were for her fathers 23 working farm girls.

Why i m Feeling very tensed when somebody tell you to do home daily chores?

Expecting a punch