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Depending on the homework they get and what kind of student they are, you should decide. If the homework was a long-term assignment that the student had several days to complete, they should have a punishment. However, if they are a good student, and they forgot a short term assignment, you should give them a second chance.

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Q: Should students who forget their homework be kept after school?
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How do you explain in detail whether homework should be given to students?

Because homework is an extension of classroom learning, homework should be given. While students are overseen by the teacher when in school, having lessons to do at home allows them the opportunity to develop good study habits and responsibility that cannot be learned in school. Having homework also allows students to learn the material better.

Why are African American students failing in school?

Asian students form clubs and meet in each others houses after school to go over the homework and review each day's school work. Asian students are at the top and do the best work. African American students play basketball after school. They forget about school work and would never get together to discuss it.

How many kids in middle school do their homework?

The amount of homework a student should have depends on the grade they are in and other factors. Grades K-2 should not have very much homework. Starting in grade 3, students can have more homework, but not so much that they get discouraged or feel a lot of pressure. As students get older, they could have more homework, but again, not so much that they are overwhelmed or have to spend the entire evening doing homework. Middle school and high school students should be able to handle whatever homework they are given as long as it is not so much that they honestly cannot get it done if they are trying to do it.

Do adults know how to do a kids homework?

It depends on how well they did in school when they were kids. Most adults should be able to help you with your homework, but some might not if they were really poor students.

Is there a school with short hours little students and no homework?

In your dreams there is ... school is to teach you stuff, and they can't do that with short hours and no homework.

Does anybody do their own homework anymore?

Yes, of course they do. Students who understand that doing homework prepares them for life after they graduate, as well as students who know that doing their homework helps them to succeed in school do their own homework.

Who is usually more excited about ending school the teachers or the students?

Students because there is no more homework.

What do elementary students fear the most?

easy... homework... i should know IM IN ELEM. SCHOOL! Duhhh homework EASY

Why students should go to school later?

The students must get enough sleep at night. The students might have stayed up all night to do their homework and will feel very grouchy the next day. They will wake up very late the next morning and will be late for school.

Should primary students complete assessment?

Children under the age of 12 should be children,when they are in high school then they should do homework but for now i think life is hard enough for us!!

What does filtering do in school?

It keeps lazy students focused on their homework like they are supposed to be.

High schools should require students to spend more time at school?

yes like that there is more time for proyects an dno more homework!