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yes actually because you might never be able to see you friends again and also because it might n=be the last time you ever got to talk with your friends or teachers, and you don't want the last thing you say to your friend is "see you around" right? i would attend my graduation because i want to graduate with my friends and walk the stage with them too- wouldn't you want to too? I hope my answer helped you out- best of luck!^-^!

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yes you do!! its important!!

actually its not important at all !!!its not gonna make a better person and you are not gonna enter heaven because of it........ that is true but its a step in your life .....if you dont wanna go dont.

You're asking the wrong question. Graduating may be important but it's what you feel in you heart is what counts. You must believe in the cards. Just ask yourself:

"What would Optimus Prime do?"

And everything will be just peachy.

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Call the specific school and ask if it is open to the public or you need a ticket.

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I do not believe there is anything wrong with a teacher accepting an invitation to a graduation party.

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Q: Should you attend a high school graduation?
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