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No, because even if you do get away with it (which you most probaly wont), if you get a job that need the qualifications that you say you have, not only will some other applicants lose their chance from a fraud, you most probaly wont be able to do the job at all.

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Q: Should you cheat in your gcse?
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not a cheat but quick way of getting five badge's. got to challenges and look underneath see if it says higher gcse

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If you want to be a doctor, you should take Geography for GCSE and not Drama.

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In short - Yes. Most people are aware that there are a number of "core" subjects which students need to study in order to gain good college and university places, and to succeed in the work place. Typically, GCSE English, GCSE Maths and the GCSE dual Science syllabus are the "big three" subjects in this respect, and most employers and further or higher education establishments stipulate grade C or above for GCSE Maths, GCSE English and GCSE dual science as the syllabus for each of these subjects is considered to teach students skills which are vital for all aspects of life. For more information see Which GCSEs should I take link.

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