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This would be a choice made entirely on your personal situation. Practically speaking, unless you have a specific need for German, your chances of using Spanish would be much higher. But by all means, either language would be a great way to expand your mind and introduce you to another culture.

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13y ago
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You should definitely take French in school because Spanish is easier to pick up later and let's be honest French is great!

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I'd pick whatever you are better in. It is your choice anyways!:) I picked Spanish because i was more use to it.

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If you want to learn the Spanish language, you should take Spanish 1 if it is offered in your middle school. You can continue taking the course in high school as well.

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Q: Should you do German or Spanish?
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German is Alemán in Spanish.

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Wanda is a German name. It has no meaning in Spanish, only in German.

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It`s a Spanish name.

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in german: kleines ungeheuer

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Alemán is how you would say "German" in Spanish.Aleman.

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"German" is a fairly common Spanish name. In Spanish, a G followed by an E is pronounced like an English H. So "German", when pronounced in Spanish style, sounds like "Herman". So "German" is just the Spanish version of "Herman". "Herman" comes from an ancient German word meaning "soldier"- it's related to the modern German words "Heer" ("army") and "Mann" ("man"). The Spanish word for the German language is "Aleman" (pronounced like all-ay-mon), which comes from the name of an ancient German tribe.

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